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Choosing your colours!

So I’ve finally put together a colour chart (taken me 7 years). Below are all the colours there is to choose from. Feel free to pick one solid colour, or you can mix and match what colours you’re wanting. Gradually I’ll introduce some gorgeous, popular colour combo’s!

I’ve listed from the drop down on each product page the most popular colour choices, if you’re choosing something else off our colour chart, enter it into the text box provided. 

Please note - I don’t have time to mock up orders for you to “see” if you like the colour combo picked, sorry! This will put me too far behind on other orders in front of yours.

If the product you’re wanting doesn’t have the option to choose a custom colour, this is because this item isn’t available in that colour!

Any questions feel free to contact me via Email, Chat or Instagram. 



Close up colour chart. See previous image for colour names.